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Welcome to Axis Associates, LLC and its RevenueEngine™ functional consulting practice. Axis. uses best-in-class systems and a nexus of ideas to accelerate top-line revenue performance and profits by utilizing the salesforce, customer & channel management, and pricing more effectively.

Axis Associates is a niche oriented management and strategy consulting firm founded by Mark Kirkwood and other members in 2008. Axis. is specialized in corporate strategyorganization, and revenue generation matters.

Axis. mainly focuses on helping companies improve the performance of their revenue-engines by leading clients to discover and optimize the value of buried businesses [e.g., customers, products, and contact information].

With RevenueEngine™Axis. helps companies find and capture pockets of granular growth. Nearly every company has considerable opportunity for organic growth if it looks at the right level of granularity. We help companies take a fine-grained view by geography, industry segment, and offerings to find the hidden pockets of growth—including often overlooked small and medium-sized business segments—and then tailor the strategies and approaches needed to capture them.

Axis. also pursues control-focused acquisitions [e.g., micro-caps]; and we help companies improve their Mergers & Acquisitions [M&A] “commercial-perspective” through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence, and merger integration. Our advice & council to clients on buy-side M&A matters [e.g., acquisition strategy, strategic due diligence, merger integration, joint ventures and alliances] improves their odds of successful M&A.

Engaging Axis Associates is a good business decision. Become a client—we have a track record for delivering results and making companies more valuable.

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